ChipWhy Our Shop?

We serve all of Mercer and Bucks County including Ewing, Hamilton, Princeton, Lawrenceville, Hopewell, Yardley, and Newtown.

What makes Dog Wash Depot a great shop?

First of all, we love dogs! You’ll recognize that from the first time you visit us. We also have loads of information that can not only assist you but also assures that the shop is the best place for your dog.

We know that dogs have sensitive skin. We are committed to giving your dog the best grooming experience that we can. We want your pet to feel comfortable with us.

We have a keen eye for safety and all dogs are handled with professional care in a loving, compassionate atmosphere.

Just take a look at our staff page and learn more about our groomers and note their experience in the dog care business. Dogs can sense our confidence and that maximizes their comfort.

We have flexible plans with addons that meet your needs such as tick and flea baths, dematting, furminating, relieving anal glands, and much more. All this is done in a way that helps your dog stay calm, relaxed, and safe.

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ChipGrooming Prices

Estimates for JUST A BATH AND BRUSH (Add $5 for trim of face, tail, and paws)

1-5 pounds: $30
5-25 pounds: $40
26-50 pounds: $50
51-75 pounds: $60
76-90 pounds: $75
91-120 pounds: $95
90+ pounds: call for price

Estimates for a FULL GROOM (Bath, blow dry, full haircut, clip nails, and clean ears)

1-25 pounds: $55
26-50 pounds: $60
51-75 pounds: $70
76-85 pounds: $85
86-90 pounds: $95
91-110 pounds: $100
110+ pounds: $120

These prices are typical, but may vary based on the coat condition, style, or special needs. Feel free to bring your dog by for an estimate.

Remember: At the Dog Wash Depot, you can always wash your own dog as well for just $14.95 ($5 extra for dogs over 75 pounds).

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Located at 185 Scotch Road, Scotch Road Plaza, Ewing NJ, 08628 • (609) 771-0028 •
Open Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Sunday and Wednesday closed